In the midst of a sip…

There’s nothing that a good cup of tea can’t cure. A bad mood, a bad day….& sometimes after effects of a bad boss..all looks okay after a good hot sip of tea.
There’s nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a cup of tea. It’s my favorite hot drink. I try almost all types of tea out there.English Breakfast with milk is my favourite but I’m more inclined towards tea Infused with herbs & lemon, ginger or little peppermint. The only tea I’m not fond of is Earl Grey.
Tea is quintessentially British but It slowly but surely insinuated itself into our culture, language and society. Tea all time, anytime: afternoon tea, high tea, tea gowns, tea cakes, tea towels, tea gardens, tea dances, Lyons tea houses, tea-time, tea services, tea breaks, tea for two, storms in tea cups, builders’ tea, more tea vicar? – all are everyday names and phrases.
The world’s very first tea break
How did it all start?
Once upon a time, when the emperor Shen Nung was travelling to a far-fl ung province, he and his entourage stopped for a break, the world’s very first tea break as it turned out. Shen Nung , a scientist, knew how important it was to boil all drinking water; accordingly, the servants began to boil the water as they sat in a grove of camellia sinensis trees. The place was central China, the date was 2737BC, around the same time as the Egyptians started work on the pyramids of Giza.
A day without tea is a day without joy.
The story of our intimate relationship with tea is in effect the social history of Britain. Tea: Like the noted 18th-century man of letters and compiler of the English language’s first dictionary Samuel Johnson, we just can’t get enough of it: “You cannot make tea so fast as I can gulp it down,” he once said. So put the kettle on, put your feet up and have that nice cup of As the Chinese proverb goes: “A day without tea is a day without joy.”
I tried to throw light on something that we all love. Hope this write-up is a treat for all the tea-lovers.